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PVC Stabilizer

Compound lead salt stabilizer CAS 6080-56-4
Compound lead salt stabilizer Product Name: Compound Lead Salt Stabilizer Classify: monomer and compound Feature:strong ability to absorb HCl Apperance: White Flakes Package: 25kg PP bag TAG: Compound Lead Salt Stabilizer
Organic Tin
Organic tin Product Name: Organic Tin Stabilizer Appearance: Liquid Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid Chroma: (platinum - cobalt colorimetric) ≤100 Tin content: (%) ≥19.0 Relative density: (20/4℃) 1.170-1.190 Refractive index: (nD) 1.507-1.511 Usage: Food packaging film and other transparent PVC products. TAG: Organic Tin Stabilizer
Calcium stearate CAS No.:1592-23-0
Calcium stearate Product Name:Calcium stearate CAS No.:1592-23-0 MF:C36H70CaO4 Appearance:White coarse powder, without impurities Volatile matter≤0.5% TAG: Lubricant Calcium stearate
Barium stearate
Barium stearate Product Name: Barium stearate Assay:99% min CAS No.: 6865-35-6 Molecular Fomula:C36H70BaO4 Molecular weight: 704.27 Appearance: White powder TAG: Barium stearate
Lead stearate
Lead stearate Product Name: Lead Stearate Other Name: Stearic acid lead salt CAS No: 56189-09-4 EC No:214-005-2 Lead content: 26.5-27.5% Molecular formula: C36H70O4Pb Linear molecular formula: [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Pb
Zinc Stearate CAS No: 557-05-1
Zinc Stearate Product Name: Zinc Stearate Other Name: Octadecanoic acid, zinc salt; Appearance: White powder CAS No: 557-05-1 Molecular formula: C36H70O4Zn Molecular Weight: 632.33 Linear molecular formula: [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Zn TAG: Zinc Stearate
Dibasic lead phosphite CAS NO:12141-20-7
Dibasic lead phosphite CAS NO:12141-20-7 Product name: Dibasic Lead phosphite Appearance:White fine powder Formula:2PbO PbHPO3 1/2H2O CAS NO:12141-20-7 Molecular:742.66 EINECS NO.235-252-2 TAG: Dibasic Lead Phosphite
Lead Sulfate Tribasic CAS NO:12202-17-4
Lead Sulfate Tribasic CAS NO:12202-17-4 Product Name:Tribasic lead sulfate Appearance:White fine powder Formula:3PbOPbSO4H2O CAS NO:12202-17-4 Molecular:991 Density:7.1 Melting point:820℃ Refractive index: 2.1 H. S.code:3812309000 TAG: Tribasic lead sulfate
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