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Disinfection Of Swimming Pools

Swimming is a good way to relieve the heat in hot weather. 

Swimming pool water quality hygiene has also become the focus of public concern. According to the city health supervision institute of public health experts introduced that swimming pools if disinfection is not in place, residual chlorin does not meet the requirements, the water can breed a large number of bacteria. Red eye disease, skin disease and other infectious diseases will spread in the fastest speed. On the contrary, if too much liquid chlorine is put into the swimming pool, resulting in excessive free residual chlorine, it will stimulate the skin and cause damage to the skin mucosa and canthus. Some people appear after swimming the skin is scratchy, the eye is dry acerbic, the circumstance such as the hair knots, the stimulative action with excessive chlorinated disinfectant in water is concerned. Similarly, if the amount of urea in the water in the swimming pool exceeds the limit, it will also irritate the skin and increase the risk of getting sick. 








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