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CAS NO.:79-14-1 Glycolic Acid
Cosmetic Grade Hydroxyacetic Acid Skin Whitening Ingredient 99% Glycolic Acid Powder 70% Liquid
CAS NO.: 9004-32-4 CMC
Additive Stabilizer Thickener Uses Powder Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium CMC Thickener LV, Mv, Hv / CMC High Viscosity, Medium Viscosity and Low Viscosity
CAS NO.:7758-29-4 STPP
STPP Sodium Tripolyphosphate 90% 94%, Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Main Auxiliaries for Synthetic Detergent, Synergist for Soap; Water Softener
CAS NO.:6834-92-0 Sodium Metasilicate
High Solubility Little Impurities Anhydrous/Pentahydrate Sodium Metasilicate SMA SMP Grabular Powder
CAS NO.:1344-09-8 Sodium Silicate
Water Glass Instant Soluble Sodium Silicate Powder or liqiud for Washing Powder
CAS NO.:1312-76-1 Potassium Silicate
Solid Liquid Powder Potassium Silicate Hydrate for Restore Dye Instant Dissolving Potassium Silicate Powder with Good Solubility
Zeolite 4A
Zeolite 4A for Detergent Powder Clinoptilolite Zeolite Sand for Water Filter Media Adsorbent and Desiccant Molecular Sieve Zeolite
CAS NO.:9007-20-9 Carbopol/ Carbomer
Cosmetic Grade Carbomer Carbopol 940 941 934 980 981 676 996 Hand Sanitizer Gel Thickener U20/U21
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